Import your Outlook auto-complete contacts into LinkedIn

Import your Outlook auto-complete contacts into LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a handy feature where you can upload your contacts file from Outlook, and it will find everyone who is also using LinkedIn so you can quickly establish connections with people you already know.

Now I don’t really use proper Outlook contacts, but I do have a pretty hefty list of e-mail addresses in my auto-complete list. You know — when you type ‘Rich’ in the ‘To’ field, and it pops up a list of full e-mail address suggestions.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could just upload this list instead? Here’s how:

  1. Download This is a free utility for viewing and exporting NK2 (Outlook Nickname Cache) files.
  2. Open, click Browse, and open Outlook.NK2 file from your %USERPROFILE%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook directory.
  3. Click Export Now (CSV) to your desktop or someplace you can easily find it.
  4. In LinkedIn, go to Contacts > Add Connections > Import Contacts > Other Address Book, and upload the output file.

Note that some of your contacts names will be in upper case. Also local domain e-mail addresses (e.g. just rdingwall with no @) will be ignored.