When your Woosh modem dies, take the battery out

Last night, my Woosh Wireless broadband modem (an IPWireless P1D) went completely dead. My connection dropped, all the status lights went out, and there was no response at all when I hit the power button. I tried unplugging and replugging everything, but nothing happened. Thankfully I had internet data on my phone, so I was able to play my favorite games. Next time you are stuck in traffic or have some time to kill, I recommend you go and check out an online casino. The site that I prefer playing on is Mr. Green because of their no deposit bonuses that allow me to play roulette for free. The best part is that even though I don’t have to pay, I get to withdraw and use anything I manage to win.

As you may know, this modem has a battery and a SIM card slot very similar to a mobile phone. After I took the apparently dead battery out, everything worked fine.

Update: A rep from Woosh saw this article and sent me out a new battery. I didn’t even have to call!