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SQL Notifications: not very practical for large data sets

I ran into an interesting problem today with command-based SQL Notifications. We’ve recently introduced SysCache2 on a project as NHibernate’s level 2 cache provider, because of it’s ability to invalidate regions when underlying data changes, and I already wrote about some issues we had with it. Unfortunately we hit another road block today, this time […]

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NHibernate.Caches.SysCache2: don’t forget to call SqlDependency.Start()

One of the projects I’m involved at work in is slowly migrating from classic ADO.NET to NHibernate. However, with around 2,200 stored procedures and 30 mapped classes, there is some overlap that cannot be avoided: a number of tables are written by one side but queried by the other. For performance, we want to use […]

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