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Running Mocha browser tests in TeamCity

Mocha is a great javascript testing framework that supports TeamCity out-of-the-box for testing node.js-based apps on your build server. Here’s a quick guide on how to get it running in TeamCity for browser-based apps as well. Configuring Mocha’s TeamCity reporter First we need to configure Mocha to emit specially formatted messages to console.log() that TeamCity […]

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Recording the git commit hash in your assembly with TeamCity

If you’re using SVN, you can very easily configure TeamCity to insert the commit revision number into the assembly by using the built-in AssemblyInfo Patcher with a pattern like 1.0.0.%build.vcs.number%. This works because SVN and .NET both use integers for their version numbers. Git, on the other hand, uses a 40-character SHA-1 string as a […]

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